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The Group, through its subsidiary Tecnimont, has access to all first-class polyolefins technologies and has the size and capability to manage and execute several projects simultaneously using different technologies while ensuring confidentiality and preserving Licensors’ know-how.

Tecnimont is included in the shortlist of preferred engineering contractors for many patented technologies and can develop the Licensor’s process design package - the know-how documentation delivered by the technology provider to the Contractor for and on behalf of the Licensor itself.

Tecnimont is able to perform a wide range of functions in the international market for petrochemical plants. These include acting as general contractor for entire petrochemical complexes, providing the complete chain of services, starting from feasibility studies and technology selection, through basic and detailed engineering, supply of equipment and materials, to supervision of erection, construction and commissioning, on an EPC LSTK basis, proceeding with assistance to start-up, operation & maintenance, revamping, preservation, de-commissioning and relocation.