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Thanks to the production and engineering capabilities we inherited from the tradition and experience in the petrochemical industry, at Maire Tecnimont we can increasingly evolve into leaders in a business that requires distinctive skills and continuous adaptability.

We continue to maintain a leadership position in the field of polyolefins (polypropylene and polyethylene), in which we have a 30% market share in terms of globally installed capacity, with a peak of 40% in the LDPE segment. Through Tecnimont, the Group has access to the main technologies for the production of polymers and holds the dimensions and skills necessary to carry out various projects at the same time. We are able to apply different technologies while ensuring the confidentiality of all information and proprietary know-how.

Tecnimont is included in the "preferred contractors" shortlist of numerous Licensors for different technologies and is accredited to autonomously develop the Process Design Package, the documents containing the know-how provided by the contractor.

More than 180 polypropylene and polyethylene plants have been built around the world. Based on this huge experience, we offer a wide range of general contractor skills for entire petrochemical complexes: we provide the complete chain of services, starting from feasibility studies and technology selection, basic engineering and supply of equipment and materials, up to the supervision of construction and commissioning on a turnkey basis.