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Oil & Gas Refining

Utilities, Offsites and Infrastructures for the Amursky Gas Processing Plant

Where: Russia

Client: JSC NIPIgaspererabotka (NIPIGas)

Company in charge: Tecnimont

The contract includes the implementation of package n.3 of the Amursky gas treatment plant (AGPP), consisting of utilities, offsites and infrastructures of the plant, which will be built 13 km north of the city of Svobodny, Amur district, in the eastern region of the Russian Federation.

The project involves all engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and performance testing activities. The contract is strategic for the entire AGPP complex as the utilities and offsites are necessary to guarantee the connection between the process plants and for the management of all the process interfaces.

More than 900 engineers with various specializations will be part of the project, through 17 operating centers distributed in 10 different time zones: from Milan to Mumbai, from Moscow to China, as well as 12 Russian design institutes. The impact of the project on the local economy will be considerable, as it will create infrastructures and job opportunities in this remote area.

In addition to representing a strategic step for gas treatment, one of the drivers of Maire Tecnimont’s core business, the contract is the largest ever awarded by the Group, which thus consolidates its historic presence in Russia. The client, JSC NIPIgaspererabotka (NIPIGas) is general contractor of the Gazprom Neft Group for the development of the entire Amur GPP project which, once completed, will be one of the largest gas treatment plants in the world, with an estimated production of 49 billion cubic meters of natural gas / year. Maire Tecnimont thus participates in the realization of the great Russian-Chinese energy axis, one of the new strategic world references.