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Refining & Gas Monetization

Combined Oil Refinery Unit - Moscow Refinery

Where: Russia

Client: JSC Gazprom Neft

Company in charge: Tecnimont

Status: Completed

The project foresees the construction of a new-generation refining unit in the Moscow refinery. The contract is of the EP + Cm type: on a Lump Sum basis for Engineering and Procurement activities, on a reimbursable basis for those of Construction Management.

Specifically, the works include the implementation of a new hydroskimming section with a set of process refining units. The main purpose of the project is the production of petrol and diesel distillates in compliance with the EURO 5 specifications. New auxiliary units and new utilities units are also included in the scope of Work. A significant portion of materials and subcontracts is provided by local partners within the Russian Federation.

The project marks an important milestone in the Oil & Gas sector, as it represents a major contract in the downstream refining business, as well as confirming the consolidated experience of Maire Tecnimont in the Russian Federation.