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Oil & Gas Refining

Two words are enough to explain Maire Tecnimont's success in the Oil & Gas Refining sector: Great Experience. Thanks to the expertise of the Tecnimont and KT-Kinetics Technology subsidiaries, we have consolidated our position in the midstream with contracts for major gas processing plants, LNG terminals, complex projects for the development of oil plants, and for the production of aromatics and refineries.

We can pride ourselves of a great international reputation thanks to prestigious EPC contracts that we have completed around the world: in the Gulf region, in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and in the United Arab Emirates; not to mention the Russian Federation, CIS (Community of Independent States), North Africa (Algeria), Europe (Poland), India.
Another important chapter in the Maire Tecnimont history, thanks to KT, concerns the expertise and the proprietary technology in the recovery units of sulfur, hydrogen and synthesis gas, with complete packages of technology processing and solutions tailored to each customer.
Today, our journey into the Oil & Gas sector documents a phase of great commitment: we are performing significant EPC / EPCm refenery projects in GAZPROMNEFT Moscow Refinery (New complex Hydroskimming Refinery), TOTAL Atwerp Refinery (ROG) and LOTOS GdansK Refinery (DCU complex).

The new challenge: to integrate the Group's skills in REFINING

At Maire Tecnimont, we are aware of the enormous value of the expertise gained by our subsidiaries in the Oil & Gas sector, it helps us be ready to face a new challenge: transforming the refining sector into a specific business sector. This choice demonstrates our responsiveness and ability to adapt to current market trends. On one hand, the new trends impose an increase in the ratio of "convertion rate" from raw material to the finished product, thanks to the use of advanced technologies; and on the other, they push towards the creation of an ever cleaner fuel, in line with environmental regulations, including those of developing countries.

We are ready to meet the current demands of the Oil & Gas market, the combination of refining and petrochemical units in large integrated plants, and to improve production efficiency.

Maire Tecnimont's skills are diverse: they are not limited to process engineering, but concern all the services related to project management. From the feasibility study to the development of the project, from the selection of technology to the detail design. Evidence comes from two projects currently in progress: the "Lotos Delayed Coker" in which the increase in production efficiency and the mitigation of the environmental impact were possible thanks to partnerships with Polish suppliers and local subcontractors; and the CORU Combinated Oil Refinery Unit project within the Moscow refinery, which represents a milestone in downstream refining.