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R&D and Tech Innovation

Technological advantage is a key strategic asset for the Group, which develops its innovation strategy primarily to protect the portfolio of patents and developed technologies.

In addition, the Maire Tecnimont Group leverages on its IP assets and technological expertise to develop new commercial projects, technology alliances and licensing.
The Maire Tecnimont Group owns about 1,300 patents, most of which in the area of urea and fertilizers, in addition to other areas.
The Group’s patents and other intellectual property rights covering its products and services it offers, including trademarks, are key assets that are fundamental to the Group’s success and position. 
As innovation is also one of the prime areas of competitive advantage for the Group, we continuously strengthen R&D and our portfolio of proprietary innovative technologies. We deliver a number of innovation projects every year and actively cooperate with leading research centres and industrial partners to continuously improve the overall performance of our technologies.


Maire Tecnimont Group has a long history of collaboration with major universities, technology suppliers, research centers and commercial partners. Over recent years, the Maire Tecnimont Group has stepped up its collaboration with top Italian and foreign universities, developing research projects and exchanging views and ideas and thus creating a strong bridge between the academic and industrial world. Maire Tecnimont long-standing collaboration with Politecnico di Milano has been further strengthened through research project partnerships, and through the funding of a Chair of “Chemical Projects Engineering and Management”, launched in 2018 and for the next 15 years.
The collaboration with the Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma is in force since 2011 as part of the concrete support for the University Master’s Degree course in Chem-
ical Engineering for Sustainable Development.
In 2018, the Maire Tecnimont Group began cooperating with BHOS (Baku Higher Oil School), contributing to the University Master’s Degree course and in the supply of research facilities. Other historic academic partners are Università “La Sapienza” di Roma, the Università di Salerno, Università dell’Aquila, Università di Bologna and Politecnico di Torino. Abroad, Maire Tecnimont companies cooperate with the University of Leuven, the Technical University of Eindhoven and with Ecole des Mines in Paris. Collaborations and agreements have been established with international research institutions, e.g. with Tecnalia, a research Centre in Spain for the development of membrane reactors for hydrogen production, in addition to Intertek Laboratories. Some of these collaborations have developed into business partnerships, such as those with Protomation, Holland Novochem and Envirocare.


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