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Open Innovation

Innovation that works, innovation that has network effects – whose positive impact increases as its propagation widens

Innovation that works, innovation that has network effects – whose positive impact increases as its propagation widens – tends to be open innovation, innovation whose building blocks and “code source” are made freely available, actively shared so that anybody can check for possible flaws, propose improvements and test its resilience against obstacles and in real-life situations.

We have adopted an open innovation model within our organization so that anybody within the Maire Tecnimont group of companies can contribute their experience and ingenuity to leverage everybody else's inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Openness and network are key effects because inventions don’t happen only in the lab, innovation is not just Research & Development, innovation is also about connecting the conceptual dots among neighboring disciplines and the social dots among neighboring departments.

Paradoxically, the difficult thing often is not finding the right solution to a problem, but finding the right problem to which we can apply one of the many solutions we already have. Too often ideas remain dormant within the lower ranks of an organization. We want to make sure that our people feel free and are encouraged to speak up because oftentimes we already have a solution for many of our clients’ problems.

In order to increase communication and facilitate open innovation within our Group of companies, we promote an open and collaborative Technical Innovation Coordination for each of our four main business macro-areas – Energy Transition, Natural Gas Valorization, Hydrogen Economy and Fertilizers – to enable a conduit between our researchers and our commercial teams. The Technical Innovation Co-ordinator allows to sets strategic directions for Research & Development guidelines, optimizes R&D budgets, monitors and shares the progress of R&D activities across the Group, scout opportunities to integrate and leverage Intellectual Property, and is also a reference for the Director of the projects in a technology-development phase. Within our open innovation model, we will focus on Conceptual Design & Technology Evaluation, Pilot Plant & Simulations, Technology Feasibility Studies, Intellectual Property Protection, Licensing Package & PDP Preparation.

Last update: 28/11/2022 09:51