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We are a leading technology-driven multinational Group and we help our clients to reach their goals in energy transition through the leverage on digital technologies, to be competitive and unlock value for our clients both during the EPC phase as well during plants operation, through our NextPlant platform, which enables them to be fully future-proof.

What do we do?

Why choose NextPlant? shake hands

Next Plant platform is a portfolio of digital solutions and services that enables to design "natively digital" plants starting from the engineering phase thus to unlock value during plants operation.
Maire Tecnimont has a 50-year track record as a leading EPC contractor with a highly technological DNA to create digital transformation solutions.
We design industrial plants with a "cyber security design driven" approach thus to avoid any threat with an end-to-end approach.

What's in it for youpot

All this also allows for a significant CAPEX and OPEX saving, as plants become increasingly "greener" and lighter:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • More efficiency
  • More connected and collaborative (OT & IT are converging)

Yes, we said more margins

One of the top priorities for plant owners to adapt to this new business environment is investing in digital technology, which can increase the cost of investment (CAPEX) for new industrial blocks but meanwhile is an enabler to reduce their cost of operation (OPEX) by up to 30% as medium term market target being effective to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Plant owners have high expectations from digital technology but 70% of these digital transformations fall short of their goals.
So, what might make digital transformation succeeding?

improving gross margins for plant owners  by 3/8%

enabler for reducing the plant OPEX

up to 30% within 2030

The Maire Tecnimont Approach to succeed on digital transformation

  • Our proposition shall firstly fit with the plant owners business model, and not the other way around.
  • Instead of inventing new solutions or creating a revolution, we aim to streamline the most relevant processes, with the goal of making it simple to make it happen.
  • Our aim is to scale up solutions and adopt them by avoiding over piloting.
  • We adopt an open innovation approach to what is available on the market and in adjacent industries, to learn from the ecosystem.

How can we help you become future-proof?

1) Through Project Control Tower for excellent EPC execution

Project Control tower is a central hub that provides enhanced visibility for short and long-term decision-making and risk-control aligned with strategic objectives, through end-to-end EPC data management.
The main areas of control are :

  • Engineering activities status
  • Materials management
  • Construction activities workfront
  • Site Quality & HSE aspect

2) Plant connectivity Through 5G

To be future-proof, you need to have tremendous capacity in data collection, storage, integration and analytics.
You need to improve interoperability and coordination among different industrial plants, strengthening their ability to operate in harsh, remote environments.
How do you do this? Through 5G, which allows you to have:

  • Faster speed
  • Lower latency
  • Massive control density
  • Less CAPEX intensive reducing conventional wires application

How can you use IoT and AI?

The Internet of Things (IoT) and AI are opening new possibilities for industrial plants, in a push that has so far been led by the other sectors (bank, insurance, retail, etc.). Now the energy transformation sector is stepping its digital investment at a moment when several factors besides operational cost savings are combining to make it the right time to shift to digital operations. Evolutions in cloud storage, edge computing, security and enhanced plant connectivity means interconnected plants are much more achievable than ever. The basic requisite to safely adopt such evolution is the “cybersecurity by design” approach.

3) Blockchain technology and process digital twin

Through the blockchain

The application of blockchain technology to energy transformation plant is a unique value proposition in the market.
The blockchain combined with Maire Tecnimont process optimization can be used to certify the carbon footprint of the feedstock, (to ensure access to incentive and to demonstrate the contribution to decarbonization process for scope 2-3 emissions), meanwhile it can be used to certify output products (to obtain green premium incentives). The process digital twin can be used to optimize yield of plant and reduce emissions (to demonstrate the contribution to decarbonization process for scope 1 emissions).
Feedstock certification can ensure access to incentives and contribution to decarbonization process (scope 2-3 emissions).

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