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Digital Transformation

After completing the digitalization of our own core processes, we are now focusing on how to foster a digital mindset along the entire value chain we are part of, in order to exploit the still unexpressed potential of the EPC sector.

Digitalization is necessary, yet it’s insufficient on its own to accomplish a true digital transformation. The “digital” part of the equation is not that hard in the end. It’s the “transformation” part that is more challenging because it’s easier to create a sensor to make a piece of piping “smart” than to create the human and business environment where that sensor will unleash all the potential that the digital transformation promises. Creating the right environment means engaging all stakeholders – from equipment suppliers to universities to clients – in adopting a digital mindset. Without all stakeholders on board, the digital transformation train will not go as fast and far as we want.

Fostering this new innovation environment is an endeavor that requires not only technical know-how but entrepreneurship and the ability to orchestrate a vision, engaging a diverse set of participants, priorities and constraints. We think we are uniquely positioned to contribute to the transition toward this new paradigm, toward a better balance between humans and machines, tradition and innovation. That’s because we have been early adopters of the digital transformation in our sectors, and thanks to our successful experience we can act as digital catalysts, showing others that it is indeed possible to enact the digital transformation in a way that makes sense operationally, financially, culturally, socially and environmentally.

If we can show that total cost of ownership for clients under our approach is more convenient than the simple capital investment cost, then digital transformation will fulfill its potential and be a solid competitive advantage for our business. At a more practical level, Maire Tecnimont is focusing on increasing competitiveness through the reduction of capital and operating costs for both ourselves and our clients; optimizing schedules; speeding up project proposals and implementations; improving productivity and Health & Safety performances; identifying new technology-enabled value streams; improving clients’ experience and generating more in-country value.


We want to be pioneers in the digitalization of engineering, procurement, construction and act as orchestrators of a coordinated supply chain with 6,000+ companies. The digital transformation strategy we launched in 2015 has had two goals: the deep optimization of internal processes (Digitalizing the Core) and enriching our offer of digital services for clients (Digital Advantage). Starting in 2018, we have been focusing on reducing time and costs and providing more flexible project management solutions, while creating new business opportunities. The objective is promoting flexible technological platforms, integrating the best digital solutions for customers and creating an ecosystem favoring stakeholders’ engagement.


We launched our program in 2017 to find new solutions for our digital transformation. We leverage our capacity for digital innovation to become «contractor of the future». Through this program, we increase our ability to govern technological disruptions, market discontinuities and clients’ evolving needs, increasing value for all our stakeholders.



  • Improving overall value for managers and system operators through a suite of digital products geared towards customers, optimizing total cost of operations over the life of any plant with solutions like predictive maintenance, asset-digital-twin, etc.
  • Digital enablement of Group’s end-to-end processes like plant engineering, procurement, etc., increasing the effectiveness of our internal procedures.
  • Hiring highly specialized digital professionals like data scientists, robotic process automation specialists, complementing our existing technical skills while training on Digital competencies our workforce.
  • Designing and implementing a flexible operating model to maintain a value-driven pipeline of innovative digital initiatives and ensure their effective implementation in terms of time, cost and quality.


In synergy with the overall digital transformation strategy, we are involving all our employees with a bottom-up engagement for this program, gathering innovative ideas from our own people and evaluating each suggestion through an “Innovation Pipeline”, i.e., a business case-driven screening mechanism aimed at selecting the most promising proposals in terms of innovation, feasibility and cost-effectiveness. The digital program goes through a stage-gate or “funnel” process, starting with many (e.g. concrete 50+) ideas and ending up with projects that we actually implement and monitor results.






Maire Tecnimont has launched “Beyond Digital”, an event aiming to discuss experiences, advantages, effects and concerns of digitalization, overcoming stereotypes in an open debate. The goal is to propose new operational models, focusing on people and making supply chains more effective.
“For us, digitalization and the energy transition are two great, complementary opportunities. I think both processes can take place organically within an entrepreneurial approach, in which we all must reinvent ourselves and the way we work and live,” said Fabrizio Di Amato, Chairman of Maire Tecnimont. Our Group’s experience indicates an effective digital transformation requires a pragmatic approach to value creation, based on many initiatives and the widespread involvement of human resources.
“Our vision of digitalization involves the deep optimization of all our processes, and also the creation of an additional offer of digital services to our clients. We live digitalization with the pragmatic approach of engineering contractors who are used to competing in the market and dealing with complexity”, said Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO and Managing Director of Maire Tecnimont Group.

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