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Digital Transformation

After completing the digitalization of our own core processes, we are now focusing on how to foster a digital mindset along the entire value chain we are part of, in order to exploit the still unexpressed potential of the EPC sector.

The Group’s digital transformation program has two main areas. The first is the digitalization of our own core processes in several different ways: by using digital enablers to increase competitiveness by reducing costs for Maire Tecnimont Group companies and for their customers, and by speeding up the bidding process and project execution.

The second main element is to create a digital advantage as an EPC contractor by incorporating digital services for new and existing clientsby improving plant productivity, by reducing operating costs and by increasing plant sustainability.
We are identifying new value-generating and technology-enabled offerings; improving customer experience and therefore our business proposition; and deploying opportunities to enhance the generation of In-Country Value (ICV) in the regions where we do business.

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Today, our Group manages a digital portfolio of initiatives within the two areas described above. Our progress has allowed us to better manage our EPC work sequences, leading to improved control of project execution times, and also greater control of HSE aspects during construction.

At the same time, by developing an ecosystem of qualified partners, Maire Tecnimont is expanding its digital portfolio to include products and services that can reduce the operating costs of industrial plants, helping to increase their sustainability by lowering CO2 emissions (for example by using process optimizers), reducing the risk of accidents affecting people and the environment through predictive maintenance facilitating the transfer of skills, and creating new job opportunities (such as advanced training systems).



Digital transformation plays an important role in all sustainability issues. On the one hand, it dematerializes the physical concept of the workplace in favour of remote working, while on the other, it makes information and data fully transparent and accessible, eliminating role and generation gaps as well as gender and disability gaps. Our digital transformation is therefore intertwined with our sustainability strategies. Three quarters of our digital solutions support transparency and inclusiveness. Seventy percent of these solutions support good HSE practices and C02 reduction. And 25% support knowledge and skills transfer in the countries where we do business.

sustainable digital transformation


As part of the acceleration of the digitalization process in 2020, we maintained the highest standards of IT security as an essential and integral part of our development model. As a result, no security vulnerabilities were found in the system. By leveraging an advanced IT infrastructure and through staff training we also guaranteed full data protection for customers and partners. In 2020, the Maire Tecnimont Group obtained ISO:27001 certification for the management of corporate information.

Last update: 03/02/2023 21:38