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Digital Innovation

Maire Tecnimont approached a digital transformation program with a Vision defined and launched in 2015, with the first implementation phase focused on the digitalization of its Core Processes closing in 2018.


In this first phase of Digital Transformation, launched in 2015, Maire Tecnimont has been working on a set of different synergic areas to digitalize its core processes including Engineering, Procurement and Construction, while strengthening its transactional and collaboration platforms. Maire Tecnimont has now reached a superior maturity in Modeling systems, BIM design, enabling the application of the 4D modeling. This enhanced approach to contracting along the EPC core processes allows integration of the modeling with the schedule and opens the opportunity to AWP implementation with the objective to redefine priorities with a true construction-driven approach and enable the paradigm shift that will allow the Projects to manage the typical sequences of the engineering-design sector in an optimized way.


In the second phase of Digital Transformation, started in 2018, Maire Tecnimont is focusing on reducing Time and Costs and on providing more flexible Project Management solutions, while creating new opportunities for serving our market. The Program is working on two different streams: 

1. Operational model improvement applying digital enablers, with the aim to:

  • Increase competitiveness with the reduction of capital and operating costs both for Maire Tecnimont Group’s companies and for their clients
  • Redefine sequences and/or optimize schedules, to compress both the project execution and/or the project proposal phase
  • Improve productivity and HSE key performances

2. Complement Maire Tecnimont Group’s value proposition with new digitally-enabled services for current or new clients, with the aim to:

  • Identify new value streams enabled by technology
  • Improve client’s experience and Maire Tecnimont proposition
  • Evaluate new opportunities to enhance the generation of in-country-value (ICV)

The road ahead for the digital transformation is the continuation of the road travelled so far, fully in line with the Maire Tecnimont innovation DNA that is always aimed at generating a technological and digital advantage for its customers.

Last update: 07/08/2020 17:29