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Maire Tecnimont innovation culture permeates its organization, processes and systems. The Group approached a digital transformation program with a Vision launched in 2015, which has achieved in 2018 the first implementation phase, focused on the digitalization of its core processes. Maire Tecnimont applied a holistic approach to digital transformation, integrating technology into processes and organization evolution, with the objective to increase effectiveness, safety and productivity of its operations.

In this first phase of digital transformation, Maire Tecnimont has been working on a set of different synergic areas.

The first area to be mentioned is the digitalization of the core processes including Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Today, Maire Tecnimont has reached a superior maturity in Modeling systems, allowing the full discipline application of BIM (Building Information Modeling) design, including 4D modeling. This enhanced approach to the EPC core processes allows to integrate the modeling with the schedule. With AWP (Advanced Work Packaging) implementation it is possible to redefine priorities with a true construction-driven approach. This paradigm shift allows us to manage the typical sequences of the engineering design in an unconventional way.

The second area of focus is the reduction of time and costs for the company and for its clients, leveraging digital and innovative solutions. In doing this, the role of Maire Tecnimont is crucial for the entire value chain because as EPC contractor the Group acts as an integrator, applying the innovation opportunities made available by the single players. As an example, digital wireless communication has a positive impact at site, through the reduction of construction-related activities (reduced cable laying, building footprint) and the improvement of operations efficiency. The EPC contractor can see the full picture and bring these innovations to the clients. 

Another area of focus concerns the use of “big data” to support the EPC Project Management through analytics and data-driven decision making. This includes the implementation not only of new smart applications and dashboards, but also of Robotic Process Automation for back end activities.

The emerging digital technologies impact the traditional value chain with potentially disruptive business models. Maire Tecnimont is developing the “digital twin” of the plant testing new solutions in cooperation with the major players in the industry. The Group is testing 3D printing applications in several phases of its processes. For example, it is possible to benefit from additive manufacturing when creating catalysts and their supports, not only for its advanced geometric solutions, but also for its fast-track execution and enhanced confidentiality of production. 

All these innovation activities could not be as effective as they are if the employees’ engagement was not at peak heights. The digital transformation requires a paradigm-shift also in the relation between the company and the employees, that shall be result oriented, rather than a simple exchange of time vs. salary. For this reason, Maire Tecnimont launched the Be Adaptive! Program that allowed employees to contribute to the transformation of work environment and the introduction of smart working. As a result, we are recording an increase in productivity, engagement and commitment.
The road ahead for Group digital transformation is fully in line with the Maire Tecnimont innovative DNA that is always generating a technological and digital advantage for its clients.

Last update: 21/06/2019 18:16