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Our Success is driven by the power of our People, our technologies, the digital rewiring of all our processes and sustainability as the guiding principle of every innovation.
Competence, entrepreneurship and adaptability are integral to our success. A lasting success can be achieved only by consistently identifying strategic business opportunities in the context of long-term market trends, tying both to the timely development of technical expertise.
We recognize the power of open innovation, of leveraging the experience of as many people as possible to make new technologies more resilient and effective.

In a fluid, dynamic world, Open Innovation is a strategic imperative. In order to create value and to compete in the marketplace, companies are choosing to make use of solutions, tools and technological expertise from outside their own walls. An Open Innovation management strategy therefore becomes a critical competitive edge. We have adopted an open collaboration system within our Group and a network of partners.

Last update: 03/02/2023 17:23