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Over the next five years, the main focus of Innovation at the Maire Tecnimont Group will center on three “pillars”, which will demonstrate the strong commitment of the Maire Tecnimont Group towards Innovation.

In the current highly competitive O&G sector, innovation is crucial for the creation of value for our organization, for our clients and for our communities. 
Combining diverse talents and investing in human capital and R&D have been part of our DNA for more than 50 years. Innovation is the conversion of new concepts and insights into successful market applications. It can only be achieved by closely linking the identification of market opportunities with technical expertise development. The Focus of the Group is to have an efficient R&D structure that can help the individual companies to deliver innovative products, new technologies and support operational improvements that boost productivity.

We continuously focus on R&D and our portfolio of proprietary innovative technologies in order to strengthen our position as a technology provider to the hydrocarbon processing industries.
Green and sustainable and environmentally-friendly technologies have top priority. 
In November 2018, Maire Tecnimont launched NextChem, a new dedicated company, which will manage technological initiatives for the green acceleration and the energy transition. 

The application of innovative methodologies for plant design is a win-win for the Contractor and the Customer, as their application shortens the project schedule and tends to minimize errors and consequent reworks - to the advantage of all parties involved. The Maire Tecnimont Group is developing an internal EPC innovation program in order to maintain its competitiveness on the market, while ensuring both improved engineering methodologies and cost reductions.

Maire Tecnimont approached a digital transformation program with a Vision defined and launched in 2015, with the first implementation phase focused at the digitalization of its Core Processes closing in 2018. In the second phase, started in 2018, Maire Tecnimont is focusing on reducing Time and Costs and providing more flexible Project Management solutions.

Last update: 09/07/2020 18:43