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Human Rights and Social Accountability

Our Group recognizes the diversity of each country in which we operate: the values of customers and suppliers are our strategic assets

Ensuring that our business is managed correctly, responsibly and in compliance with ethical principles is one of our main objectives. This care extends to the Company's human, organizational and social resources.

Our reference point for the fundamental recognition and promotion of respect for the individual, and his or her dignity and values, is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, and our Code of Ethics reflects these values.

In order to ensure that these fundamental values are integrated into an ethical and responsible management of the company's activities, all the companies in our Group are committed to achieving voluntary Social Responsibility certification under the SA8000 management system, in a process similar to the one we use in the HSE sphere.

This calls for full compliance with the requirements of the SA8000 Standard, as well as customizing the Management System and designing it around each individual. We have invested heavily in training and internal communications to raise awareness and involve our entire community in these issues, with the aim of making everyone an active player in this process and in their own personal well-being.

As a result of our strong commitment to fundamental values such as respect for human rights, protection of the individual and promotion of his well-being, Maire Tecnimont achieved multi-site Social Accountability Certification in accordance with the SA8000:2014 standard from Bureau Veritas Italia at the end of 2020.

The Group has demonstrated it has implemented a solid and structured management system, made up of policies and procedures that provide a road map for the companies that were awarded certification. The Group has succeeded in centralizing its management system -- which is far from obvious in a complex operation such as ours -- thanks to a set of core shared values that translate into strategic choices and operating practices applied uniformly across the various companies of the Group, while taking into account the specific characteristics of individual businesses.

We are the first company in Italy (and the first in the world energy-sector EPC) to be awarded certification for a single social responsibility management system implemented across several geographic regions. This certification confirms our commitment to the welfare of people in our offices and construction sites around the world.

Since a central pillar of our vision is to listen and interact with the Group’s various stakeholders, we have created several channels to engage with them to collect ideas and suggestions to improve the quality of daily work life.

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