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The Group follows a preventative approach for reducing the risk of accidents and their associated effects, safeguarding the health and safety of its employees and personnel under its responsibility, and minimizing negative impacts at the headquarters and construction sites. 

HSE performance monitoring helps provide a measure of the efforts and actions implemented by company management.

The safety and health management system OHSAS 18001 certified ensures the control, monitoring, and maintenance of working environments, services and equipment, in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and in line with the standard.

Over the last three years, a total of more than 167 million man-hours were worked at the Group's offices and construction sites world-wide. In 2017, the man-hours were 95,419,662

Furthermore, within our Group, no occupational diseases have been recorded in the last three years: the Occupational Disease Rate (ODR) is 0.  

Over the last three years, a total of over 144 million man-hours were worked in the MET E&C di Maire Tecnimont construction sites. In 2017, the total man-hours were 86,695,854. 

The Group monitors performance at construction sites by keeping track of various indicators, some of the most important are:

  • Lost Time Injury Frequency  (LTIF) is the number of lost time injuries (fatalities + lost work day cases) /man-hours worked in a year per 1 million;
  • Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) is the number of recordable injuries over man-hours worked in a year per 1 million. The TRIR indicator takes into account: fatalities, injuries with lost days, restricted work day cases and medical treatment cases;

Thanks to our continuous commitment to HSE, in 2017, for the Technology, Engineering and Construction (MET E & C) business unit, we recorded a Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) of 0.046 and a Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) of 0.150 .

The recorded values and trends are compared with international benchmarks such as those of the IOGP (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) and show a significantly positive and 3.4 times better value LTIF in 2017, compared to the benchmark indicator of the IOGP , thus highlighting the great effort implemented by the Group in managing the safety of all the workers and stakeholders present on our construction sites.

Last update: 09/07/2020 19:05