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The Maire Tecnimont Group considers environmental responsibility as a key factor in support of sustainability and closely connected to the ability of a business to create added and sustainable value. 

The ISO 14001 certification confirms that a consistent Environmental Management System has been established to regularly evaluate, control and mitigate environmental impacts from the execution of projects and home offices activities. The Group periodically identifies and reviews all environmental aspects, in order to plan objectives and measurable targets, identify and implement corrective actions and reevaluate the efficacy of the system as part of a cycle of continuous improvements.

A detailed analysis is performed to evaluate the specific action plan to continuously mitigate impacts.

Maire Tecnimont is conscious of the contribution it can make during the construction phase on-site, by respecting local laws and regulations, promoting and expecting good practices form all sub-contractors, and being constantly ready to act in case of environmental damage. 

Mobility Management 

Maire Tecnimont encourages the use of public transportation and car sharing. TCMPL (Tecnimont Private Limited) is a good example of this policy: thanks to a service bus for commuting personnel, in 2017, there was a reduction of 3,053 tons of CO2.   

Energy Management at headquarters

Maire Tecnimont’s headquarters in Milan produce about 30,000 kWh from installed photovoltaic panels and multiple energy saving systems in offices that have resulted in the achievement of zero local emissions of CO2. Compared to the previous year, in 2017 with the new KT headquarters in Rome, a 604 MWh reduction in electrical energy consumption was achieved as a direct result of conservation and efficiency initiatives. In terms of emission reduction, this meant 217 tons CO2.
To reach these goals, maintain and identify further improvement areas, official energy audits at the headquarters were performed by a third party.

Waste Management at headquarters

Maire Tecnimont, in compliance with the applicable local legislation and its own ISO 14001 environmental management system, closely manages and supervises the collection, transport, and final treatment of waste.
The Group promotes the culture of recycling with the message "Reduce - Reuse - Recycle": there are areas for separate collection and temporary storage, to avoid mixing hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
Paper (of which the Group purchases the recycled version) represents the highest percentage of waste. Digitization of documents and a paperless approach helps to reduce supplies and, consequently, the waste to be disposed.

Waste Management at construction sites

The site HSE managers monitor the environmental procedures and behavior of subcontractors on a daily basis.
The entire waste management process, from production to final disposal, is evaluated, using specific environmental plans that record waste type, source activity, quantity, temporary storage area, and final destination, in cooperation with specialized companies in disposal according to local regulations.

Water Management at construction sites 

Maire Tecnimont promotes the responsible use of water resources at all levels.
In particular, during the construction phase, the subject of water saving is part of the initial training and the environmental promotion campaign. In compliance with the Customer's rules and local laws, the discharge of water into the public sewage system or directly into the sea or rivers is not allowed.

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