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Culture & Training

Training is essential for the creation of value for our stakeholders and to ensure the long-term health of our business.

The continuous development of the professional skills of our employees is a core strategic activity of the Group, we implement an intensive training program with ad hoc courses in order to improve knowledge on health, safety and environmental issues, tailored according to the role and tasks of the employee.

The lessons (in classroom and e-learning), focus on fundamental topics such as the structure of the HSE Management System and the HSE Policy, the main hazards and risks of the offices and construction sites, the preventive and protective measures, and emergency procedures.

Around 3.5 million hours have been dedicated to HSE courses over the last three years. 

The ratio between HSE training hours and man-hours worked on site is increasing from 1.48% in 2015 to 2.74% in 2017: this reflects our strong focus and our high commitment on prevention and personnel training. 

Last update: 03/08/2020 14:28