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Green Chemistry & Renewables

Green Hydrogen

Where: United States

Client: Enel Green Power North America

Company in charge: NextChem

Status: Engineering phase

Valerio Coppini

NextChem Business
Development Vice President

"This project shows there's an economically feasible way to produce green hydrogen"



To make the project economically viable. Green hydrogen costs four times more than standard hydrogen. We found a way to use the green hydrogen produced by Enel Green Power’s plant to make renewable diesel in Texas at Permian biofuel’s nearby plant. This renewable diesel has a lower carbon intensity so it will be valued by the market at a premium.

A new decarbonization solution that opens doors for hydrogen utilization. Thanks to the production of green hydrogen, we can optimize the use of renewable energy from sun and transform it, through a bio-refining process, into fuel for cars, or trucks.

We are deploying a technology for green hydrogen on a large scale for the first time. The plant will convert 30 MW of renewable energy, to produce 1,500 tons per year of green hydrogen. This is 10 times more than the biggest electrolysis unit in operation now. Moreover, we are implementing a renewable diesel facility with our proprietary technology that transforms triglycerides from local industry feedstock.

Thanks to the fact that we have very professional and expert local presence in Houston, and to our IT software, we have been able to manage the project during lockdown without any issues.




tons/year of Green Hydrogen produced that will be utilized for the production of 30,000 tons/year of Renewable Diesel produced


tons/years CO2 emissions avoided through Green Hydrogen production