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Global Technological Leadership

We have a top level technological DNA

We have strong roots in the technological direction for the petrochemical sector, owning 30% market share in polyolefin plants and 50% for low-density polyethylene plants. Since 1970 we have built over 200 plants worldwide.

With over half of the market share in the licensing of technologies for urea plants and 34% in urea granulation, since 1924 we have completed 172 plants for the treatment of ammonia and urea.

We also have a world track record in gas treatment plants, process units, and refining plants, with 250 hydrogen and sulfur recovery facilities completed over more than 40 years.

We own over 100 patent families (mainly in the urea and fertilizers sector) registered in many countries around the world, and 1300 specific patents and patent applications.

Last update: 21/06/2019 17:40