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In step with a "continuous improvement" approach, Maire Tecnimont Group adopts systems and processes designed to speed up the procurement activities and to make the flow of information smoother.

These tools are part of a program named E-procurement To You (E2Y) and pronounced easy in order to best represent the objective that guided its development. E2Y simplifies the interaction between suppliers and our buyers and put the informatics systems at the service of our supply chain.


What is e-procurement ?

The e-procurement consists in a set of online features aimed at boosting cooperation and interaction with current and future suppliers on all procurement activities (qualification, rating, offers, tendering, etc.)



The adoption of an e-procurement system allows unlocking energies and resources and enables a smoother and more transparent relations with suppliers, making communication and interaction easier and shortening procurement process management.



  • Keep company data updated and check your qualifications
  • On-line 24/7
  • Promote your business and manage your quotations


Would you like additional information?

Watch the video of our  Chief Executive Officer Pierroberto Folgiero and Group Procurement Vice President, Paolo Mondo



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Last update: 19/12/2018 07:11