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Business Strategy

We are a leading provider of engineering & construction, technology & licensing, and energy business development & ventures worldwide, contributing to the transformation of natural resources into innovative products for a myriad of everyday applications

Our technological roots go back to the pioneers of the hydrocarbon chemical engineering industry. We provide customers with proprietary and third-party technologies for the design and manufacture of a wide range of processing plants. 

We offer a broad scope of services on an individual or combined basis, comprising licensing, engineering, procurement of materials and equipment and construction supervision, including our project management expertise. 

We have built relevant references for full EPC turnkey complex projects, featuring a flexible and consistent model that maximizes local content in every part of the world. Alongside business excellence, our Group focuses on the various facets of sustainability to ensure long-lasting growth, sharing value with and targeting results for our stakeholders. 
Our execution strategy is based on a world-class health and safety performance, significantly ahead of the industry benchmark. Maire Tecnimont also has expertise in the design and engineering of power generation plants and major public works. We are equipped to deliver large-scale renewable energy plants generating power from wind and solar resources. 

We also leverage a distinctive technology-driven model for project development, enabling us to embrace early involvement in clients’ investment initiatives.

We are focused on deliver results with maximum operational and financial discipline. We will continue to foster our expansion in geographies different from the historical ones such as Sub-Saharan Africa, Indonesia and Philippines, while United States downstream developments remain on our business scope.

Leveraging our distinctive technology driven business, we pursue a project development approach through an early involvement in clients’ investment initiatives, in order to contribute not only technical expertise but also financing schemes. 
Commercially we are leveraging our position of excellence in petchem and fertilizers sector to assist our clients in brownfield revamping initiatives.
We will continue to invest on technology and on our best-in-class services engineering. We will develop Siluria potential in the olefins business contributing to its industrialization process.
We are promoting our new technologies in sour and acid gases; we continue to explore the adjacencies or our urea/fertilizers technological leadership.

Simultaneously we will continue to enhance our execution capabilities in larger and more complex “integrated projects” in order to accommodate better and better increasing market demand for multidisciplinary efforts. We are progressing fast track on our own digital transformation, highly impacting business operations, pocesses and organization.

Our vision on renewable energies is driven by demand for very large plants in new geographies. In order to best address new market dynamics, Maire Tecnimont, through NextChem, is developing several technological initiatives for the energy transition, providing its contribution thanks to the technology and execution expertise by scouting, pivoting, industrializing and finally commercializing a portfolio of sustainable technologies.

Last update: 03/08/2020 13:31