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Business Strategy

Responsiveness to market discontinuity

Maire Tecnimont has a high responsiveness to the discontinuity of the main market in which the Group operates: the downstream. In an increasingly competitive global scenario, we offer a wide range of proprietary technologies and engineering services aimed at creating value for the Group, customers, stakeholders and local communities.

We are focused on the execution of our order book. We will promote our global expansion, as well as in countries other than those in which we have a historical presence such as Oman, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We will strengthen our presence in South America, continuing to monitor the development of downstream in the United States.

Our technology-driven approach leads us to get involved, at early stages, in customer investment initiatives, contributing both on the technical side and in the financing schemes. We exploit our position as leaders in the petrochemical and fertilizer sector to assist our customers in the revamping initiatives of existing industrial plants.

We will continue to invest in technology and engineering services, developing the business of polyolefins and exploring the new potentials of the urea and fertilizers sector.

In order to respond to an increasingly broad and complex market demand, it is necessary to constantly improve our executive capacity in large integrated projects.

Our vision on renewables energies is driven by demand for very large plants in new geographies.
In order to best address new market dynamics, through our subsidiary NextChem, we are developing several technological initiatives for the energy transition, providing our contribution thanks to the technology and execution expertise by scouting, pivoting, industrializing and finally commercializing a portfolio of sustainable technologies.

Last update: 21/06/2019 18:28