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Processing Energy

We transform natural resources into innovative products for the industry


Our business has always been built on solid technological foundations, laid first in the downstream industry and then in innovative projects geared toward the energy transition and decarbonisation.

We have roots in petrochemicals and oil-&-gas refining, we have branched out into power and we have finally blossomed with fertilizers and green chemistry. Our technologies seek to reduce the environmental impact of the oil & gas sector, develop waste to chemicals, waste to fuels and plastic recycling, and find oil substitutes for fuels or plastics from renewable sources.

Green Chemistry & Renewables

OUR GREEN CHEMISTRY: FROM PLASTICS UPCYCLING TO CIRCULAR HYDROGEN PRODUCTION. With NextChem, a company specialized in the development of new processes, technologies and products from non-fossil feedstocks and from renewable energy sources, aiming to make the economy circular and low carbon intensity, by focusing on recycling, waste to fuels and chemicals technologies, biobased products and carbon capture. WE ARE FOCUSED ON RENEWABLE POWER GENERATION. We operate worldwide in the wind and solar power sectors through our dedicated Neosia Renewables subsidiary.


WE ARE A FIRST-CLASS PROVIDER OF POLYOLEFINS TECHNOLOGIES. We manage and execute several projects at a time, using different technologies, ensuring confidentiality and preserving licensors’ know-hows.


WE PROVIDE A WIDE AND INTEGRATED RANGE OF SERVICES. We take care of every fertilizer development requirement: from feasibility studies to basic engineering, from selecting licensors to developing lumpsum turnkey projects.

Refining & Gas Monetization

WE ARE EXPERTS WITH NUMEROUS REFERENCES. We are established upstream and downstream players through our subsidiariesTecnimont and KT – Kinetics Technology, with contracts for mega-gas processing complexes, oil field development mega-projects and refinery process units.

Energetics & New Power

WE ARE EXPERTS IN THE ENGINEERING, DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF ADVANCED ELECTRICITY GENERATION PROJECTS INTERNATIONALLY. Our references include design and construction of simple and combined-cycle gas turbines, co-generation, coal-fired plants, biomass plants, electricity generating units for own oil & gas business, petrochemical and fertilizer projects, electricity distribution grids for civil and industrial use and district-heating networks.

Technological Leadership

We work safely, protecting people and the environment in every stage of our projects, on-site and in the office

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