The Foundation is non-political and non-denominational. The founding member of the Foundation is Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. 

The Maire Tecnimont Foundation has its registered office and operational headquarters in Rome.

The Chairman of Maire Tecnimont Foundation is Fabrizio Di Amato. The Board of Directors of the Foundation is composed of Gianni Bardazzi, Alessandro Bernini, Stefano Fiorini, Franco Ghiringhelli, and Giovanni Sale.

Sole Auditor: Francesco Fallacara.
General Secretary: Simona Dolce.
General Manager: Ilaria Catastini.

Engineering today is facing a great challenge: interpreting scenarios that require historical paradigm changes, providing creative, innovative and effective answers. Critical sense and creative intelligence represent the backbone and lifeblood of Italian leadership in the world, founded on ingenuity combined with the sense of beauty. "

On July 5th, 2022 our Foundation switched on a debate on circular economy, art and culture themes, seen from different points, enriched by the interventions of Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, Raffaele Cattaneo, Councilor of Environment and Climate of Lombardy Region, Luciano Fontana, Director of Corriere della Sera, Alberto Irace, CEO of Alia Servizi Ambientali S.p.A, Fabrizio Di Amato, President of Evolve Maire Tecnimont Foundation and Maire Tecnimont Group, as well as art representatives such as Marco Meneguzzo, art history professor at Brera Academy and exhibition curator, the artist Pietro Ruffo and Ilaria Catastini, General Director of the Evolve Foundation.

The discussion took place with the opening of the Milanese stop of the exhibition "Second Life: everything returns", a contest dedicated to young artists’ artworks who choose to question their creative about the sustainability relationship, in which the Foundation has given its support as special partner.

Watch the video of the event.

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The project foresees five female students enrolled in the Argan and Farnesina high schools in Rome, ready to board on a journey into the engineering world and, especially, in the energy saving and efficiency division. The girls attend an 80 hours information and training program hosted by the Rome headquarters of the Maire Tecnimont Group and can benefit from the experience and skills of a teaching staff composed of Maire Tecnimont professionals, and researchers and communicators of the ENEA’s Energy Efficiency Unit Department.

Lessons take place according to a transversal and interdisciplinary training method that will bring the five students closer to the acronym STE(A)M, in which the humanistic approach represents a supplementary motivation for change, also considering that a rapidly changing labour market requires increasingly multidisciplinary profiles. The focus on a transversal training, towards a professional profile of "humanist engineer" who knows how to combine technical skills with environmental and social issues, is the midpoint of activities promoted by Maire Tecnimont Foundation, partner of the project. The goal of the project is to clearly respond to the energy transition challenge, following the development with inclusive measures and embracing the targets of the 2030 Agenda, in particular target 5, regarding gender equality.

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