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Vendor Performance

In 2021 Maire Tecnimont Group has launched a new Vendor Performance Evaluation (VPE) process, generating improved business value for our Supply Chain ecosystem. Suppliers excellence is rewarded with Qualification extensions and our VPE program provides our Group with a distinctive asset as an EPC main contractor.

We provide business value in 3 phases:

1. Evaluation process

Based on an standard industry evaluation model, Purchase Orders are evaluated and approved on different capabilities area by the technical team that actually worked on it.

2. Communication

Best performers are noticed through a dedicated email from :
You might be requested to register and apply to MET Qualification, please refer to Apply to be a Supplier for details.
Already registered? Bear in mind that all Certificates and Financial Statement must be updated on SupplHi platform.

3. Assesment

Deadline for registration & updates is clearly stated on the above mentioned email. Within deadline, MET Vendor Management team will proceed with data assessment and therefore, granting the extension Qualification on evaluated Material Groups:

  1. With active Qualification, questionnaire complete and Certificates updated: 5 year extension;
  2. With active Qualification, uncompleted questionnaire and/or Certificates not updated: 1 year extension;
  3. If the Qualification is already expired or not already in place, with Qualification questionnaire complete and Certificates updated: qualification will be granted for 1 year beginning with the end of the assessment phase.

Contact your Category Manager for further info on MET Vendor Performance Evaluation process and how Maire Tecnimont Group is leading the Supply Chain transformation on the EPC industry.

Last update: 26/10/2021 05:18