Enhancing sustainability is not a mere objective. It is a complex system in which each of the parts is essential to allow the others to work. Only greater interaction between Strategic Priorities and Sustainability Drivers gives the right impetus to move towards balanced sustainability, both from a business and a social standpoint. In this sense every driver of sustainability sustains the business priorities. Sustainability underlies the Group’s strategic guidelines, and three main sustainability drivers permeate our day-to-day operations being the closely aligned with the strategic business priorities:

Transparency in Governance means fair and constant communication with the public and guarantees a proper governance and management system to safeguard value for all our stakeholders.

Enhancing Project Performance and Accountability means first of all providing a risk management system to reduce volatility and ensure for stakeholders the safety and reliability of our activities at all levels.

Dynamize Local Content has become our main way of operating in both established and developing markets, ensuring not only our durable and profitable presence worldwide but also business and personal development opportunities at a local level in the markets in which we operate.

Acting Responsibly, which for us means working to develop people skills, contributing to responsible citizenship, and minimizing our environmental footprint, is the framework on which the entire system rests. Our commitment in this perspective is aimed at guaranteeing and respecting the safety, health, well-being and empowerment of all the people directly or indirectly involved in our activities. Our idea of the importance of human capital includes the creation of a safe and healthy working environment, the promotion of training programmes and learning activities to enhance individual development, and the dissemination of SA 8000:2008 standard.


These values are the base of our Group Code of Ethics.