SA:8000 Standard


Maire Tecnimont has established a process similar to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management systems and all Group companies are committed to pursuing the Social Accountability certification, in compliance with the International Standard SA8000:2008.

SA8000 standard can be certified through audit activities by an independent body, and it is based on the international human rights laws (ILO and ONU Conventions) and national labour laws. Its purpose consists in providing an intrument aimed at protecting and empowering all personnel working for a company as well as all people involved in the sphere of influence of the company, e.g. vendors, contractors, subcontractors, and homeworkers.

The SA8000:2008 is freely available at It focuses on the following main issues: Child Labour, Forced and Compulsory Labour, Health and Safety, Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary Practices, Working Hours, Remuneration.

The Group has implemented a management system based on SA8000 requirements aiming at:

  • taking under control the behaviour of its vendors and contractors;
  • managing any notification/complaint about SA8000 requirements through a form available on Maire Tecnimont website and through dedicated mailboxes);
  • verifying the compliance of Functions, sites and vendors/contractors to all the standard requirements through audit activities.