Training and skills development

The Maire Tecnimont Group firmly believes that its competitiveness can be enhanced by appropriate Human Resources management policies. Improving employees’ skills helps us to meet our business objectives and promote value creation throughout the Group.

Our training programmes are designed to develop and optimize individual knowledge, and also to promote a common business culture that embraces all our different professional competences and business areas. Project management initiatives play an important role in our work. We aim to develop and enhance project management skills by, amongst other things, sharing work experiences and promoting Group integration.

Maire Tecnimont also runs an annual IPMA (International Project Management Association) certification campaign for key figures working on projects and in offices. This aims to diffuse, internationally, certified standards and tools, and to ensure external recognition of internal know-how’s value. The Group also organizes HR development initiatives on communication, leadership, team-building, time-management, economics and finance skills. Due to our international operations, foreign language courses are an important part of our training activity. We also carry out specialized technical and QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) training, directly relevant to our core businesses.

Last, but by no means least, newly-hired young university graduates are involved in an induction path aimed at familiarizing them with the main aspects of the Group’s business and markets in which we operate. Its purpose is to encourage awareness and mutual sharing of ideas, benefitting from the multinational and multicultural nature of our workforce.