Innovation and R&D

Innovation and R&D

Innovation is the translation of new concepts and insights into successful applications in the market. It can only be achieved through continuous interaction between identification of market opportunities and development of technical expertise.

Since innovation is also one of the prime areas of competitive advantage for the Group, we continuously strengthen the R&D activities and our portfolio of proprietary innovative technologies in order to enhance our position as a technology provider to the refining, power, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

On the basis of the highest priority given to open innovation, Maire Tecnimont Innovation Centre (MTIC) has been inaugurated with the aim of establishing a common platform for assembling a portfolio of patents across Group companies, while leveraging and building on the Group’s existing experience and expertise.

MTIC is coordinated by Stamicarbon, while Resarch & Development activities are carried out, among other Group Companies, by KT Kinetics Technology and Tecnimont.

In the petrochemical sector the Group signed in 2016 a joint collaboration agreement with Siluria Technologies to combine their respective technologies and expertise.