The Group, through its subsidiaries Tecnimont and KT–Kinetics Technology, has accumulated considerable expertise and numerous references in the oil and gas sector, including refining and LNG terminals. We have consolidated our position in oil and gas, both upstream and downstream, with contracts for mega-gas processing complexes, oil field development mega-project, aromatic complex and refinery units.
The Group has matured first-class reputation in the Gulf region by its successful completion of EPC contracts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. The Group has also won major contracts in North Africa (Algeria), Europe (Poland), India and the CIS.
Moreover, through KT, the Group operates internationally as a provider of proprietary technologies in sulphur recovery and hydrogen production and as supplier of critical equipments. Significant EPC projects are under execution at Total Antwerp refinery (ROG) and LOTOS Gdansk Refinery (DCU Complex, Naphta hydrotreater, vacuum distillation).




Main recent Oil&Gas projects worldwide